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Monogram Coffee - La Severa (Filter)

Monogram Coffee - La Severa (Filter)

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My husband and I love to recount our days as students at the University of Calgary, when we would spend days on end cramming for finals, or hammering out papers in the warm atmosphere of a Monogram Cafe. Ever since, we have remained dedicated fans of Monogram Coffee. We are beyond excited to partner with them to bring seriously delicious coffee beans to anyone looking for a good cup of joe!

We share with them a love and a passion for good coffee. And we also love their desire to form and maintain personal relationships with their producers and the people responsible for their coffee at every step of the supply chain.

La Severa is a family-owned estate located at 1,460 MASL in Santa Cruz Barillas, in the department of Huehuetenango. Finca Severa was established over 40 years ago by Dr. Carlos Roberto Serrano Roa and was named after his mother, Severa. 111 hectares of the 135 hectare estate has been developed for coffee cultivation and the natural forest in remaining 14 has been preserved and designated for processing his coffee.

Finca Severa has its own mill on the estate where all the coffee processing takes place. Dr. Carlos Roberto Serrano Roa has taken great care in thinking about the sustainability of his farm, including waste water management, using organic fertilizer and the consideration of quality of life for all of those who work on the estate. He has provided housing, healthcare, education and social activities, ensuring the workers have access to essential amenities because of Finca Severa’s remote location.

Origin:  Santa Cruz Barillas, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Variety:  Anacafe 14, Caturra, Pache, Sarchimor
Process:  Washed
Notes:  Butter Caramel, Almond, Sugar Cookie, Easy Drinking.


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