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Monogram Coffee - Carvalho

Monogram Coffee - Carvalho

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My husband and I love to recount our days as students at the University of Calgary, when we would spend days on end cramming for finals, or hammering out papers in the warm atmosphere of a Monogram Cafe. Ever since, we have remained dedicated fans of Monogram Coffee. We are beyond excited to partner with them to bring seriously delicious coffee beans to anyone looking for a good cup of joe!

We share with them a love and a passion for good coffee. And we also love their desire to form and maintain personal relationships with their producers and the people responsible for their coffee at every step of the supply chain.

Fazenda Cachoeira de Grama is located in Vale de Grama, and owned by the Carvalho family. This area of Brazil is home to some of Brazil's most "elite" coffee farms, and is an incredibly beautiful region with rolling hills surrounding the coffee farm.

Fazenda Cachoeira de Grama has approximately 100 hectares planted in coffee, but they also grow eucalyptus nearby. There are 27 full-time and about 40 seasonal employees tending to the Catuai and Yellow Bourbon trees planted here, the oldest of which dates back to 1956! The farm has an on-site school for all employees' families to use, and there are about 300 children who take advantage of the services. The school is jointly funded by the Brazilian government and the farmers in the area. This coffee has a classic Brazilian flavour profile with warming notes of chocolate and nuts.
Origin:  Vale de Grama, Brazil
Variety:   Yellow Bourbon Peaberry
Process:  Natural
Notes:  Peanut Brittle, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Easy Drinking.
*Buy two bags save 10%*