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Say Hello to Alabaster - The Bible Beautiful Project

It goes without saying that today we live in a highly visual culture. People are creating beautiful content through images more than ever before. We’ve become a culture that is obsessed with beauty and is visually stimulated every waking minute of everyday.

As we consume images, we are inevitably influenced by what we see. Though, when we consider the design aspects of the Bible, it has remained relatively unchanged over time. There have been few attempts to integrate imagery, typography, and layout design within the biblical text to engage with our rapidly growing visual culture. So, the Bible Beautiful Project aims to give readers a fresh visual experience and heightened level of contemplation while reading the Bible. 

This Project uses both artistry and imagery as a way to enhance our experience of an ancient text. Beauty in the form of art has always done more than tell a quick literal message. Great art and true beauty create dialogue, they make us think. We wrestle with it, it brings us together, and ultimately it brings us into a deeper understanding of our world. Art inspires creativity and encourages us to ask questions and reflect in ways we wouldn't on our own.

"Kalos - the word for beauty in original Greek; literally means "beautiful as a sign of inward goodness". This means beauty is so much more than just an aesthetic—it's a way of going through the world." - Alabaster co.

All Alabaster books are lithographically printed, on a 15 pt cover with soft-touch aqueous coating and 80# uncoated text. They are printed in Canada at one of our country's most environmentally friendly printing factories. Simply put, they are the best quality print out there. 

We are pleased to offer a selection of these wonderful works of art in our store. We believe that their all-encompassing sense of beauty goes beyond simple aesthetic - to encourage living beautifully as well. We feel that this Project will inspire people to live a life that contributes to human flourishing - in their work, in their relationships and in their communities. For this reason, FORT will be donating 10% of the profit from each Alabaster Bible sold, to the Regina Food Bank. Here is to "cultivating a more good and beautiful world."

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