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New minimalist micro-apartments in Seoul

These new LIFE micro-apartments in Seoul offer tenants simple, minimalist spaces that they can personalize. Located in Seoul's Gangnam District, the apartments form part of a 16-storey co-living building for young adults.

Designed by interior designer Ian Lee and developed by co-working-space provider Fastfive, the block contains 140 rooms, which vary between 16 and 23 square metres in size, alongside shared living areas that Vancouver-based Ian Lee also designed.

Lee's goal for the LIFE apartments was to create deliberately simple, timeless interiors that were visually uncluttered. Not only does this help distract from the small size of the rooms, this offers tenants the opportunity to create homely, private spaces with their own furniture and belongings.

In an interview with architectural reporter, Lizzie Crook, Lee stated that one of his aims in designing these rental units was to "find that balance, where the space feels timeless and comfortable as it is, but also like a blank canvas for tenants to personalize in their own unique way."

"The overarching goal was to evoke a sense of home."


Photos by Texture and Texture.

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