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Make time, for some "Me Time"

A gentle reminder to check in with your body, slow down and create more
intentional moments. Make sure to make time for some well-deserved “Me Time." Mostly sharing this because I know I need to hear it sometimes...

...and also to plug this amazing Handmade Ceramic Mug and the Woash Wellness Me Time Loose-Leaf Tea Blend. In case you haven’t heard, this blend has literal superpowers. It contains Krishna Tulsi tea which is an adaptogen, meaning the ingredients respond to your body’s specific needs in the moment. It’s like drinking an aromatic diffuser blend of lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and passionflower! This tea has been known to reduce stress and anxiety by creating a sense of calm from the inside out.

Go on, be a little selfish and savour some much-needed calm. Whether that means journaling, walking with your pup, meditating, winding down before bed or anything that encourages you to pause, reflect and harness creativity.

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