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Fouta FAQs

Our collection of Turkish Towels – also called Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels – are thin and lightweight with cute, dangly fringes. They are made with 100% natural Turkish Cotton giving them an ultra-soft, luxurious feel and making them strong and durable. Not to mention they are filled with handmade goodness. Each tassel is spun one by one by highly-skilled, independent Turkish artisans. 

They are Designed to elevate your bath, beach, scarf and/or travel game. Beautiful, versatile and durable. Perfect for an outdoor picnic blanket and/or at-home accessory.

Fouta FAQs:

Q: This “towel” feels different than my other towels, are you sure I’m to wipe my body with it?

Yes. These peshtemals are made from a premium cotton that has extra looooong fibers. Because of this unique long-fiber cotton material, they will become even softer, fluffier and delightfully absorbent with successive washings. Before your first use, wash the towel in COLD WATER, using a gentle cycle on your washing machine then hang to dry (if you must put it in your dryer be sure to set your dryer to a low heat).

Q: Do I have to use it as a “towel”?

Actually, this is an incredibly versatile product! Even if you can’t see yourself using it as your daily towel, surely you can picture it draped over your sofa to use as a light throw. Or perhaps you could just use it as decoration by simply hanging it on a hook. You can also use it as a picnic/beach blanket - it will sit 2-4 friends (socially distanced) no p, and it will actually repel sand and grass!

Q: I’m still not sure, what’s all the fuss about Turkish Towels anyways?

Well, I for one will never forget my first TT (Turkish Towel). I wondered if this "towel" could possibly be absorbent. But I was intrigued. I had to test the TT to see if it would do the job drying my skin after a shower or a swim in the pool. Eventually, I had used it so much that my broken-in towel had become beautiful and soft and I knew I would never settle for just any regular old towel again.

For further care instructions, click here.

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