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No one really knows what's attractive anyways

This morning I came across these simple wooden dining chairs:

According to the designer, Jasper Morrison, "they are meant to be as practical and functional as possible". In his words they were designed "as a protest against fashion and 'fakeness' in the industry". But why pit fashion and functionality against each other? What is beautiful can be functional, or not functional at all and still cater to different needs.

I think Morrisons chairs are beautiful. Their charm and character are irresistible, and they couldn't be more practical in an everyday sense. Great. They are functional, and aesthetic. 

But so are these:

These puffer jackets are covered in Paris landmarks and well-known skyscrapers as part of the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter menswear collection. They couldn't be more fashionable, yet they are still functional. 

The war on fashion and creative design is a fruitless endeavour because at the end of the day, no one really knows what's attractive anyways.

Photos by Dezeen

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  • Haha such a good point!!


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